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3L 5E Solution

Given the square ABCD.

  1. Construct line AC, a diagonal of the square
  2. Construct the perpendicular bisector of AB, intersecting AB at E and AC at F
  3. Construct the circle with center E and radius EF
1.4-3L 5E.PNG


In a square, the center of the inscribed circle is the intersection of its diagonal and the intersection of the perpendicular bisector of its sides. Constructing one diagonal and one perpendicular bisector is enough to find the center of the circle. One perpendiculor bisector is needed to determine the radius as the inscribed circle passes through all the midpoints of the square's sides.

List of Levels
Alpha Angle of 60°Perpendicular BisectorMidpointCircle in SquareRhombus in RectangleCircle CenterInscribed Square
Beta W.I.P.
Gamma W.I.P.
Delta W.I.P.
Epsilon W.I.P.
Zeta W.I.P.
Eta W.I.P.
Theta W.I.P.
Iota W.I.P.
Kappa W.I.P.
Lamda W.I.P.
Mu W.I.P.
Nu W.I.P.
Xi W.I.P.
Omicron W.I.P.
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