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Let A and B be the two points.

2L 4E Solution

  1. Construct line AB.
  2. Construct the perpendicular bisector of AB, intersecting AB at point C.

Point at C.

1.3-2L 4E.PNG


The perpendicular bisector of a segment passes through its midpoint.

List of Levels
Alpha Angle of 60°Perpendicular BisectorMidpointCircle in SquareRhombus in RectangleCircle CenterInscribed Square
Beta W.I.P.
Gamma W.I.P.
Delta W.I.P.
Epsilon W.I.P.
Zeta W.I.P.
Eta W.I.P.
Theta W.I.P.
Iota W.I.P.
Kappa W.I.P.
Lamda W.I.P.
Mu W.I.P.
Nu W.I.P.
Xi W.I.P.
Omicron W.I.P.
Equalateral Triangle • Intersect ToolPerpendicular BisectorMove ToolAngle BisectorPerpendicularParallel LineCompass