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3L 3E Solution

Given the segment AB.

  1. Construct the circle C1 with center A and radius AB
  2. Construct the circle C2 with center B and radius AB, intersecting circle C1 at C and D
  3. Construct line CD
1.2-3L 3E.PNG


Any point of a perpendicular bisector is equidistant to both A and B. The two circles ensure that AC=BC and AD=BD and so both C and D are on the perpendicular bisector of segment AB.

List of Levels
Alpha Angle of 60°Perpendicular BisectorMidpointCircle in SquareRhombus in RectangleCircle CenterInscribed Square
Beta W.I.P.
Gamma W.I.P.
Delta W.I.P.
Epsilon W.I.P.
Zeta W.I.P.
Eta W.I.P.
Theta W.I.P.
Iota W.I.P.
Kappa W.I.P.
Lamda W.I.P.
Mu W.I.P.
Nu W.I.P.
Xi W.I.P.
Omicron W.I.P.
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